Fantasy Overlays for G9

14 May 2024
Fantasy Overlays for G9

"Fantasy Overlays" is a set of markings, tattoos, and paints that can be used to create a variety of characters. The set comes with separate arm, head, body, and leg presets for: scales, spots, tattoos that have been hand drawn on paper first, war paints made from real ink smears, as well as natural pigment based color presets.

The set has been structured so that it's easy to use, with instruction cards at each step. It is quick to use and can be tweaked further in the surface settings.

The set contains several tattoos, animal skin sets, and warpaint stets:
-lizard scales for arms, body, head, and legs,
-leopard spots for arms, body, head, and legs,
-a dragon tattoo with 4 different placements,
-a runic tattoo design with three different placements,
-a tattoo set based off Baltic cultures but the patterns are reoccurring in many real European cultures, be it Slavic, Germanic, or other. This set has the most options and it totals 35 presets of different designs and placements.
-a spider tattoo with 9 placement options for all the spider lovers out there,
-a tattoo design based on the human spine,
-3 inky warpaint sets with 15 design options in total.
Each design has three base gradient options - monochrome, cool to warm, and warm to cool.
-27 real natural pigment based color settings

Navigate to people/genesis 9/materials/UndeadCrabstick/Fantasy Overlays/ and follow the instruction cards!
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