Agile and Amazing Dodging Poses, Combat Poses Series

05 May 2024
Agile and Amazing Dodging Poses, Combat Poses Series

Agile and Amazing Dodging poses is a hand-to-hand, close-combat interactions poses package. It focuses on one character attacking, not always effectively or gracefully, and one agile, female character dodging with great dexterity and some acrobatics.

The idea behind the package is to highlight the feminine gracefulness and agility of a skilled female fighter versus a more rugged and direct male attacker. As a bonus we also included female versions for the attacker as an additional option.

It includes 20 male vs female fighting interactions, for a total of 20 female dodging poses vs 20 male attacking poses. It also includes 20 female vs female poses interactions, that add 20 fine-tuned female attacker poses to the mix (the dodging poses are also edited to better suit the female counterpart when there is direct interaction).

The package features 20 G8 Male vs G8 Female interactions (40 poses), 20 G8 Female vs G8 Female interactions (40 poses), 20 G9 Masculine vs G9 Feminine interactions (40 poses) and 20 G9 Feminine vs G9 Feminine interactions (40 poses).

While these poses were created as pairs, many of them can actually mix and match well or well enough with some slight tweaking so you can also look at them as a set of 20 attacking vs 20 amazing, agile dodging poses that play well with each other.

Each and every pose was carefully crafted with great attention to details and with the core idea of looking realistic: with body parts that deform because of sudden movements and because they are being hit, sometimes exaggerating these movements because that is what happens when real action takes place in the world, rather than in front of a camera.

All poses were checked from every angle, always working with front, back, left and right cameras on display and rotated all around for a balanced look at 360 degrees (or unbalanced in some cases). All poses were done completely from scratch, to achieve the most balanced, unique and natural look possible. So, don't just look at a pose from the front, explore, rotate, mix and match and tweak them to fit your scene.
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