Best (well, probably!) Genesis 9 characters

24 May 2024
Best (well, probably!) Genesis 9 characters

Genesis 9 is known for its great characters. They are much better than Genesis 8.1 and Genesis 8.

That's why we wrote this article.

Read on and we will tell you about the best characters for Genesis 9!

TX Lujan

TX Lujan is the literal embodiment of grace, with every aspect telling its own story.

The character was created by a professional designer, so her appearance alone is a sure sign that this is a quality asset. Her cascade of hair in rich shades of brown frames a porcelain complexion adorned with a scattering of freckles.

It's worth noting that the set includes three versions. You can use TX Lujan for both Genesis 9, Genesis 8.1 and even Genesis 8. This is the main advantage of the kit. What follows is more. It also includes micro skin details in 8K resolution, as well as up to 18 makeup options.

And that's not all.

You can also change the color of her eyes - a total of six different colors are available. There are also various hues for her nails.

Baldwin The Leper

Baldwin The Leper is a whole set of characters for the G9, including morphs and unique textures. All of this is done in a way that is most appropriate for such a serious disease as leprosy.

For Baldwin The Leper to work for Genesis 9, all you need is a free base in the form of G9 - and nothing more. No additional kits or content.

All local textures are Iray compatible.

Also included are fibermesh props and four different smartparented styles.

Harlow 9

Harlow 9 is a skinny but very athletic African-American who would make the perfect action protagonist.

He comes with realistic skin textures in 4K resolution - this kid will definitely be able to fill any scene with his special style.

By the way! There is also an extended version of Harlow 9 - Harlow 9 Bundle. You can download it from our website. It is characterized by a list of the following innovations:

  • The presence of three different alternate characters: weak, elderly and curled up;
  • Two different hair and beard styles, both using the OmniHair shader. The first style is curly, while the other is neat and straight;
  • A range of expressions and emotions;
  • Three outfits - the outfit of the mayor, the outlaw and the sheriff, who forces everyone in the town to obey the law (and sometimes not in the most civilized way!);
  • Set of blasters and guns in a sci-fi setting.

Clown Classics

Clown Classics is a classic clown duo.

Although no... It's actually far from the concept of "classic". It seems that these clowns are definitely hiding something. Maybe they are?

This set includes two body shaping presets - all optimized and with additional tweaks. But not only morphs can be customized here. For example, you can change the makeup to make it more or less intense. And if you don't like the clowns in the set, you can move their makeup and hair to any other character.

Yes, by the way, the eyebrows of these two characters are fully compatible with dForce, so get ready to make your renders as realistic as possible.

Sophia 9 Space Mechanic Starter Pack

The Sophia 9 Space Mechanic Starter Bundle is a bundle of one character and several add-ons.

But let's start with the main character of this bundle - Sophia. This girl has a slim (even slightly athletic) and realistic skin with 4K resolution textures!

But that's not all. Her figure can also be modified to give her a slimmer or curvier look. There are three additional options in total.

In addition to the body, there is also the makeup. Yes, it's not as flexible as the body, but it looks quite realistic. Finally, Sophia has two hairstyles to choose from: either short straight hair with OmniHair or a punk hairstyle with highlights.

Let's not forget the different emotions and outfits.

There are three costumes. Emotions are much more - there's no point in describing them, you'd better download this set and check them out for yourself!

As for the outfits, one is a suit of armor, the second is a casual work suit with an apron, and the third is a swagger outfit that, among other things, can be completely removed to reveal this beauty.

By the way, we remind you that you can download all of the above content from our site. And you can do it completely free and without registration.
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