TruForms City Abandoned

30 April 2024
TruForms City Abandoned

What happens after a catastrophe strikes an area and it's left deserted? Nature takes over of course! With the abandoned addon for TruForms City you can now add decay to the streets and buildings while also adding the growth of plants everywhere around the scene. The props are clustered and scattered randomly throughout the scene and contain a high amount of flexibility, allowing you to move the objects around or remove them if you wish.
They're arranged by row too so you're able to keep organised even in the mess!

-Loading options that automatically brings in the items from TruForms City with new textures
-Scene builder lets you only bring in the area you wish to populate with plants
-Buildings with dirt textures can load separately from plants

A pre-lit scene is included to give you an already-prepared scene if you want to just dive in and render.
Balanced design to avoid excessive geometry.
Note that this is a massive scene and due to the amount of props it requires a powerful PC. Scene builder highly advised to get good performance

OBJ included for other use
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