Cloud Station

28 April 2024
Cloud Station

Cloud Station is a detailed Sci-Fi prop set that invites users to embark on a journey through the ethereal beauty of the skies.

Consisting of three buildings that seemingly defy gravity as they float amidst the clouds.

Not only does it provide three distinct buildings for users to incorporate into their projects, but each building also comes with two additional material sets, allowing for variations and customization.

In addition to the buildings themselves, Cloud Station includes three cloud props to enhance the atmosphere and add realism to the scene.

These clouds can be strategically placed around the buildings to create a sense of depth and immersion, further enhancing the Sci-Fi experience.

To complete the scene, Cloud Station also includes a background set, setting the stage for your characters to embark on their adventure through the clouds.

Overall, Cloud Station offers a unique experience for creators looking to explore the boundless possibilities of the skies.

With its detailed buildings, customizable material sets, and atmospheric props, it's the perfect tool for bringing your Sci-Fi adventures to life.
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