Modular Mall 2: Chocolate Shop for Daz

03 June 2024
Modular Mall 2: Chocolate Shop for Daz

This set contains:

Chocolate Shop with working shutter and dials to hide walls, sign and ceiling
Chocolate Counter with large display of chocolates
Chocolate Fountain
Chocolate Window Display
Chocolate Box Display Stand
Large Chocolate Box
Small Chocolate Box
Selection Box with dials to hide individual chocolates
Selection Box Lid
Till Point
Chocolate Box Bag with dial to open bag
Wall Clock
Chocolate Table with dial to hide chocolate
Ingredient Station
Cooker with dial to hide saucepan
Kitchen Shelves with dials to hide chocolate moulds and rearrange pans
Bowl of Chocolate with dial to empty bowl
Ladle with dial to hide chocolate and drips
Chocolate Scraper
Chocolate Mould with dials to show various stages of chocolate production

Options to load complete set or individual items
Set can be used in isolation or with Modular Mall01: Base

9 Camera Presets
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