dForce LFV Slumber Fun Outfit for Genesis 9

28 May 2024
dForce LFV Slumber Fun Outfit for Genesis 9

LFV Slumber Fun Outfit For Genesis 9 is a lovely outfit, that includes a nightie, socks, and a pair of adorable furry slippers, each comes with their own set of materials. And that's not all, we added even more to the product.

There's a cute little plushie and a toothbrush that come with several material options. For the plushie and toothbrush, we created smartprops for both left and right hands. There are two sets of handposes, one for Genesis 9 Base and one for Genesis 9 Base Feminine to accompany both left and right handed smartprops.

Last but not least we added two poses to the pack, one pose to go with the plushie smartprop and the other pose to go with the toothbrush smartprop. LFV Slumber Fun For Genesis 9 is the perfect outfit for your character to wear at a sleepover or a slumber party or for those cozy evenings to snuggle up in bed with a cute little plushie in their arms while watching their favorite series on TV, or maybe just hanging out with their best friend sitting on a couch. The possibilities are endless. One thing we are sure of is it'll be guaranteed render fun with this beautiful outfit and its cute little accessories.

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