dForce - Devotion Lingerie for G8Fs

24 April 2024
dForce - Devotion Lingerie for G8Fs

What's Included & Features

Figures (.duf)
--1 Conforming Pants
--1 dForce Ready Top

dForce Surfaces Presets for Top
--Curly Hem
--Curly Neck
--Curly Trim
--Expand 110%
--Expand 120%
--Reduced Friction

--1 Invisible Ground Plane

Preset Iray Materials (.duf)
--17 Base materials plus Plain White option for both Garments
--5 Bumps maps, 4 Bump strengths and Bump OFF
--4 Gloss options plus OFF
--10 Gradient Diffuse Image partial Shaders
--4 LIE lace options (2 style with MFlakes and without) for both Garments
--4 LIE Diffuse Image Gamma Options for both Garments
--26 Transparencies and Transmaps
--Various Metallic Flake Options including Blank Out, Plain, ON, OFF, Roughness and Density
--14 Premade Textures for both Garments

--1-Simulation Settings 1
--2-Add Initialization Time 0.5
--Smoothing On and OFF

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