LI KineticArcana - Ground FX

17 May 2024
LI KineticArcana - Ground FX

Introducing an amazing toolkit for managing and crafting captivating VDB ground effects, utilizing static smoke simulations, morphing containers, emitters, and props to replicate awe-inspiring particulate visual effects.

With this product, you'll unlock a level of control and customization within DAZ Studio. Empower your creative vision with an array of meticulously props and VDBs, designed to enhance your scenes and add a new level of dynamism to your renders.

This resource-conscious toolkit offers both creativity and efficiency, giving you the assets you need to add some very cool volumetrics.

What do you get...

2 x Base Control Gizmo's (full/semi)
4 x Basic shape containers with morphs. (contain by masking, unleashing, and controlling VDBs.)
9 x Detailed shape containers with UV's morphs. (contain by masking, create fuel emitters with tileable texture maps, or even make clouds.)
56 x VDBS ( Shaped - Static Simulation)
3 x VDBS ( Volume fill - Static Simulation)
8 x Unique Emitters with morphs.
8 x Ground Props (Crater, mound, ground, and rock debris) all have morphs except the ground.

Then, there's the material builder for the ground props, especially the Crater.

Plus, bucket loads of preset materials, presets to help guide and build your own smoke materials, and fuel and emitter shaders.

16 x Preset configurations. (an array of variations)

Give yourself the tools you need to create your own smoke or explosive effects right inside DAZ Studio.
LI KineticArcana - Ground FX is just the start.

Also, think outside the box, their designated properties can do much more... i.e. emitters can become volumes, and the ground prop textures can be mixed and mashed.

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