GHD Elora Taiyou for Genesis 9

18 June 2024
GHD Elora Taiyou for Genesis 9

Elora Taiyou, as you can tell from her name, shines like the light of the sun.

She is a perfect choice for any elegant, noble character, but she stands out from the others with her stature, so she shines best as an elven woman. For the latter, she also has elf ears.

To be able to blend in with any company, the set contains many (even colorable) makeup variations, as well as various eye colors and a wide range of nail polish options.

Best of all, these makeup options can be used with any of your characters. You only need to apply the base "Apply 1st" option and use any of the presets or colorable options.
She is a very cheerful woman, likes to have a good laugh, and is happy with the small joys of life. That is why the set includes 3 very happy smiles with 4 expression presets.

If you feel that she is the one for you as an elven woman, don't forget about her Dragon Staff, with which she can fight anyone with the power of the dragon's spirit.

And if you own that Staff, you will find a great BONUS in this set ... a HeadWear Wearable Set using the Dragon from the Elora Taiyou Dragon Staff (Dragon not included, you need to own the Staff to use this Bonus!)
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