John 9 Pro Bundle

22 April 2024
John 9 Pro Bundle

John 9 Pro Bundle takes John from casual to the biblical

A long-flowing hairstyle using the OmniHair shader.
A tunic-style outfit.
A Crown of thorns.
A makeup set of blood and dirt for the face.
3 Alternative shapes for John, skinny, muscular, and emaciated.

Plus all the casual items of the starter bundle:

Includes both John 9 and his HD Add-on
Genesis 9 Heavy body hair, a massive collection of hair to cover your figures from head to toe in a hair making use of the OmniHair shader for that even more realistic look and also Blended Dual Lobe if you prefer.
A hair sleek hairstyle with a thick beard that works for both Genesis 8 and 9 using the OmniHair shader.

A casual robe set with glasses, a t-shirt, shorts, sandals, and a robe it's ready for the beach or lounging at home.
A Canadian tuxedo, decked out in all denim, where can't you take this outfit?
A custom expression set made just for John
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