How do I transfer the poses from La Femme 1 to La Femme 2?

28 May 2024
How do I transfer the poses from La Femme 1 to La Femme 2?

Have you been working with La Femme 1 and decided to switch to La Femme 2?

Well, that's fine.
You might think that you have to start from scratch. But that's not the case. Read on and we'll tell you how to use the poses from La Femme 1 in La Femme 2!

What is the difference between La Femme 1 and La Femme 2?

We think it's worth reminding you of the differences, just in case. So that the whole picture is clear and understandable.

Well, the original La Femme has amazing features designed to take full advantage of Poser's capabilities. It's a figure with the ability to subtly manipulate facial expressions - it can be controlled with 30 different bones, each of which can be modified very, very dramatically. La Femme 1 also has a ton of morphs that can be combined to create truly unique characters.

Finally, it has a very subtle rigging system that allows you to achieve the desired results without too much fuss: it's easy enough to hook up the bones here, and they react quite adequately to movement.
As for La Femme 2, it only differs in terms of quality, accuracy and 'smoothness'. In general, it's the same as La Femme 1, so you can easily transfer your developments from one figure to the other.
However, there have been some innovations. For example, male morphs appeared (although they are a separate figure). But that's not all. There were also improvements to the morphs in general, with additional settings for eyes, teeth and hands, as well as anti-aliasing variations.

How to port animations from La Femme 1 to La Femme 2?

Let's get back to the main topic.

To port animations from one version to another, you need to open La Femme 2 in a scene and apply the pose from the set created for La Femme 1. Don't worry - you won't have to manually adjust all the body parts that don't match the pose. Setting the value in the Tool_LaFemmePose section to '1.000' will help.

That's about it.

Note, however, that although these two versions are very similar, there are still some differences between them. If you want everything to work as it should, you may need to make some minor adjustments.

For example, move the arm. Or tilt the head. None of this takes more than a few seconds.

What is La Femme 1 Pro? Is it some kind of standalone version?

Not really. La Femme 1 Pro is literally an upgrade of La Femme 1. It's definitely worse than La Femme 2, but it still has a lot of interesting additions. For example, an increased number of poses and emotions. This set also includes additional clothing with many morphs. We can't say it's necessary, but it can be quite useful.

Friendly reminder: you can find a number of assets for Poser on our site. These include bundles (go category), characters (go link), poses (link) and much more. Of course, all of this is absolutely free and without registration. We also have content for other applications such as Daz Studio.
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