Sonsy 2023 for Genesis 9

12 May 2024
Sonsy 2023 for Genesis 9


This is a supplemental add-on package of morphs which adds 60+ brand new (and many requested) options to the existing SONSY 2023 for G9 product. See the list below for a complete run-down on what new morphs are included.

Unfortunately due to presets included in this package, you MUST OWN AND HAVE INSTALLED the SONSY 2023 FOR G9 product as some of the morphs in this add-on package refer to morphs contained in the original product package.

And speaking of presets, this package comes with a more MILF-like feminine base preset for G9 that gives your figure a far more normal and realistic starting point. I like the feminine base preset that comes with G9 but it just seemed a little off in the areas around the shoulders and hips so I ve taken the liberty of compiling my own base for you that solves a lot of those quirky little items.

In addition to new morphs and presets, there are also some much-requested fixes for G9 that include corrective morphs for the arms being held over the head as well as some details for the armpits when held up in that position. G9 just totally lacked any armpit dents…guess it was overlooked…so I gave her some.

There are also a multitude of new FBM (full body morph) options for plumping up the base figure. I ve also included two options to shrink the scalp (head) somewhat to fix those weird hair figures that make G9 look like she has a huge forehead. The morphs are set for auto-follow so any conformed hair figures should adjust when you use them.

Lot s of new morphs in this one and I d be here all day trying to describe each and every one. Check out the list below for the full accounting.

SPECIAL NOTATION: A few of the morphs in this package will have same names as some morphs in the original package. These "duplicate" named morphs are updated (fixed or improved) versions of the previous morphs. When installing, if your computer prompts you that you are over-writing an existing file name - it's okay - go ahead and overwrite it. This will replace your old version with the newer and improved version. I had several morphs that I wasn't happy with so I tweaked them a bit.
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