Genesis 8 Female Geograft For Genesis 9

12 May 2024
Genesis 8 Female Geograft For Genesis 9

Genesis 8 Female Skin Geograft for Genesis 9.

Use it for applying your favourite G8F character's materials to Genesis 9 model.

Since the Genesis 8 Fem Geograft for Genesis 9 has the same Scene ID and the same surfaces, as a default G8F, you don't have to assign textures to it manually, so the process itself is pretty simple:

1) Load Genesis 9 Model in your scene and select it,
2) Load Genesis 8 Fem GGFT,
3) Now select Genesis 8 Fem GGFT under Genesis 9 hierarchy,
3.1) (optional) Load Genesis 8 Fem Genitalia for GGFT in its turn, if you like,
4) Make sure Genesis 8 Fem GGFT is still selected and load your preferred G8F materials as you normally would do it for Genesis 8 Female. 5) Enjoy!

G8F Geograft has almost the same geometry as the standard G8F model, identical UV, and includes surfaces such as the skin itself, fingernails and toenails. It completely repeats the changes in the geometry of the G9, including the facial expressions, as well as the movement of the lips and so on. Therefore, you shouldn't have problems with any mesh distortion.
It also has 3 morphs for nipple and belly definition and positioning. You can find them in Parameters Tab under the path Actor/Full Body/Feminine.

This is an original product, and requires only the Genesis 9 to use it.
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