The Machine for G8F

10 June 2024
The Machine for G8F

The Machine is an environment featuring:

- 1 Scene subset with Anal Tubes.
- 1 Scene subset with Vaginal Tubes.
- 1 Scene subset with Anal Tubes (closer figures).
- 1 Room and 1 Machine props.
- 13 Tubes props.
- 2 Golden Shower liquids splashes.
- 10 Poses for G8F (8 for anal and vaginal subsets, 2 for the second anal subset).
- 13 Materials including leather, liquids, tubes. Please make sure to use the proper material on the type of tubes (for instance, Tube C Liquid material only works for Tube C).

All props are translated, meaning the load at a specific position tailored for the Poses.
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