A Dubious Slot Machine

16 May 2024
A Dubious Slot Machine

It s just a cool little modern video poker machine --- so what makes it so darn dubious? Well this premier package is just a normal slot machine but the upcoming expansion packs will turn this machine into a rather dubious gambling machine that you can win money with but only through bizarre bodily expansions! Yeah I know that s corny, but the first expansion package will be for breast and weight gain expansions complete with different textures and even display screens for various factors such as money and weight that can be changed with a preset selection. A lot of people just wanted the newer type of poker machine so I am packaging it by itself with a non-dubious texture. You will need to have this base package however for the expansion packages to work. I hate doing that sort of thing, but in this case it was necessary.

The machine will load into any scene along with the accompanying chair. The floor mat does not move. The chair however, can be moved and deleted entirely. The chair comes with a variety of positioning morphs including tilt, height, and shaping options. You can also change the color of the seat cushion pretty easily by adjusting the base color in your Surfaces Pane. All items load with textures ready to go. You will find two additional screen display options for the machine. Make sure you have the slot machine selected in the Scene before clicking the presets. Only the screen image will change. You will also find icons for loading a casino player account card and a stack of hundred dollar bills just as a bonus. They will load together positioned slightly in front of the zero position of a figure.

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