Rising Sun Environment

23 April 2024
Rising Sun Environment

The Rising Sun is a complete exterior and two-floor interior environment: an establishment of wicked temptations and worldly ways, and a homage to the song popularized by the Animals.

At one time, it was a burlesque theater built in the Art Deco period. Relics of its past glory can still be seen in the main hall's gilded dome, its crowning jewel, and in much of the ornate woodwork inside. It fell into disuse before being purchased and renovated for use as an exclusive, high-end gentleman's club. But the new owners have kept the Art Deco theme.

Please note that the Main hall can be configured either for pole dancing or as a more classy cabaret setting. Dedicated room preloads exist for each version of the main hall, and detailed instructions for switching configurations are provided in the PDF user guide.

Given the large number of rooms and props, I've included scenes that allow you to load as much or as little of the environment as you desire. These range from the full exterior and interior environment to just single-room preloads. Nonetheless, lighting and reflective/refractive materials may make some rooms challenging for users with weaker GPUs.

To assist with positioning your characters, numerous go-to poses will help you get your characters into the desired room at the right height.

As always, I have tried to make sure that items are individual props wherever possible so that they can be used when kit-bashing. There are over 260 props that load at World Center, and over 170 props/room-parts that load to their place in the environment. And almost all props with drawers, doors, cupboards etc can be opened. That includes the appliances. Any clock/displays have time setting slider properties so there's no need for post-work to adjust the times shown.

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