Wearables Manager

26 May 2024
Wearables Manager

Have you ever experienced the frustration of lagging scenes after applying new hair assets, geografts, or clothing with smooth modifiers to your character? Are you tired of the cumbersome management of wearables and assets, constantly playing hide-and-seek with pieces of jewelry or piercings?

Or have you been frustrated when a dForce simulation resets a perfectly placed piece of clothing to its default shape because the Freeze Simulation setting was supposed to be On but wasn't?

Would you like to manage essential parameters such as dForce, emissives, smooth modifiers, and more from a single, graphical, and intuitive interface?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, our tool is the breakthrough solution you've been searching for!

So, Why Choose Wearables Manager?

One-Click Management: With just one click, remove all wearables from any Genesis -Genesis 9 figure and safely store them in a designated group, without losing any connections or data.

Instant Reversal: With a single click, restore all your figure's wearables to their original state, maintaining their material and structural integrity as if they had never been removed.

Multi-Figure Handling: Work effortlessly with multiple figures at once, thanks to our smart detection and handling system that ensures optimal performance without any slowdowns.

Advanced Features: From detecting wearables parented multiple levels deep to handling complex scenarios with geografts and geoshells, Wearables Manager simplifies every step.

Detailed Controls: Enjoy a powerful interface to manage visibility, emission properties, dForce settings, and much more - all from one convenient screen.

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