Basic aspects of the Daz Studio interface - #1

03 June 2024
Basic aspects of the Daz Studio interface  - #1

Daz Studio is a handy and modern content creation program.

Even though it has a simple interface, you and I still need to understand how it works.

Read on, and we'll go over the most important aspects of the interface!

User interface

The Content Library is the overarching unit here. This section contains ALL the content you have downloaded for Daz Studio from anywhere.

Actually, there are additional folders in this section, such as AniBlocks. This is a collection of animations in .bvh format - when you apply them to the character on the timeline, animation buttons appear and you can edit that animation.

There are other folders as well. For example, Animals. Its name speaks for itself. This folder contains everything related to animals.

Environments - these are the assets of the environment: forests, meadows, cities and the like.

Figures - this folder contains various models. Mostly characters. Free download DAZ characters.

Props - a folder with props. By default it contains a set of fantastic weapons. Actually, you can download not only clothes, but also various props - link. Besides, there is a lot of other content in our hub - please familiarize yourself with it!

People - This folder contains everything related to people. This includes clothes, hairstyles and much more. By the way, if you go there, you will see several other folders:

Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 8 Male. There will also be Genesis 8.1 Female and Genesis 8.1 Male. And, of course, Genesis 9 Female and Genesis 9 Male.

But don't dismiss the earlier generations either. Even Genesis 3 Male and Genesis 3 Female.

Why not? Aren't they completely obsolete?

Well, that's one way of looking at it. For the most part, they're still very similar, even to the last generation. For example, if you found a cool hairstyle for the third generation that isn't available in Genesis 9, you can still use it by manipulating the settings a bit.

As for additional folders, there are

Anatomy - you will not use this folder very often. In any case, it contains morphs about the type of e.g. relief muscles.

Characters - this folder contains characters. The way it works is that you find a character you like on the internet (well, or our hub!) - for example an alien or a monster - and it will appear here after the download.

Clothes is a folder with clothes. It is one of the few folders that is initially filled: when you download the basic version of Daz Studio. Then it will be filled when you load a new wardrobe. By the way! You can download many clothes (link) from our site for free and without registration!

Hair - well, it's pretty self-explanatory. This is the folder with hairstyles.

We are done with the human-related content, now we move on to the remaining materials. Here we see

Vehicles - this folder contains all the downloaded vehicles: various spaceships, tanks, boats, trucks and cars and hundreds, no thousands of other things.

Of course, this is not all.

But what we have listed above should be enough to get you started.

For the very first time.

With this article we start a small series of guides on how to use Daz Studio. Add our site to your browser's bookmarks so you don't lose access to it and them!

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