Mediterranean Juniper High Resolution Plants and Trees

11 July 2024
Mediterranean Juniper High Resolution Plants and Trees

This Bundle of High-Resolution Mediterranean Juniper Bushes and Trees, adds a little bit of realism in the form of this common and useful conifer (common - its found over most all over the Northern Hemisphere and Useful because its one of the key ingredients in Gin! What else can we say!)

Juniperus communis, the common juniper is a member of the Cypress Family it is grown as an ornamental plant in gardens, and the bitter berries are dried and used to flavor meat dishes as well as in the brewing industry and as previously mentioned it's the key ingredient in flavoring gin. It has been used medicinally for many things, including the treatment of kidney and renal ailments.

Use these high-resolution plants (from twisted shrubs found on a tundra of the mountainside to more elegant upright trees) in your foregrounds or as hero plants - they look great bordering a path or either side of an entrance. These are high-resolution plants so go easy with them. As always a little variation of the scale and y rotational settings will make one plant and its instances go a long way in looking like lots of different plants.

Perfect for a wild and windswept pirates' cove, a mountainous Mediterranean hillside, or a glorious garden setting!
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