Kashmir Cypress Trees for Daz Studio

23 April 2024
Kashmir Cypress Trees for Daz Studio

Did you know that there was such a thing as an exotic conifer? That's exactly what the rare and beautiful Kashmir Cypress tree is.

Cupressus cashmeriana, the Bhutan cypress or Kashmir cypress, is a species of conifer native to the eastern Himalayas and adjacent areas in northeastern India. So not only is it a lovely elegant addition to a garden setting, perfect for placing in an architectural setting or even a conservatory in a pot, it's also the perfect hiding place for yeti!

With its elegant drooping foliage and red bark, it's bound to add some interest to your scenes whether they be mythical, mystical, or just a lovely landscape!

These rare (in the wild) forest-edge trees are often found in monetary gardens or other religions sights in its native land.

As always, a little goes a long way, and any one of these 10 lovely trees can be instanced with variations added to scale and the Y axis, making one tree look like many different ones! (These are fairly high-poly trees, so go easy in scattering them about your scene!)

So whether you just want an elegant conifer to add some grace to your gardens, parks, or scenery or you need a habitat for an elusive mythical creature, these lovely tender conifers are the perfect plants!

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