NDFP Mushroom Staffs for Genesis 9 and 8

22 June 2024
NDFP Mushroom Staffs for Genesis 9 and 8

The NDFP Mushroom Staffs are a set of mystical magical props that are specially designed to protect Mushroom Guardians and their citizens. Crafted from a blend of natural materials and secret ancient arts, these staffs feature two material presets that can be adjusted to show them at different states: off (created by using the Emission Off shader on their surfaces), Inactive, and Active (which changes the emission map).

NDFP Mushroom Staffs are a basic arsenal that any and every Mushroom Guardian must own. This powerful pack of useful props will help you guard and protect your kingdom.

Each prop has been designed following these concepts:

Big Staff:

This is a Staff meant for defense, putting it on the ground might stop time to allow your allies time to recover.

Little Staff 01:

Works as a magical chest to store memories, steal them, or reply to them whenever the user stares into the depth of the magical liquid inside.

Little Staff 02:

This is a Staff meant for attack magic. Don’t let its small size fool you into thinking it cannot channel your magic to its fullest potential!

Magic Mushroom:

These small, innocent-looking mushrooms are usually found surrounding the perimeter of the Kingdom. They activate when someone is nearby and creates an illusion to keep intruders from finding whatever the Magic Mushrooms surround.

Having said that, you are the writer of the story and it’s up to you to decide what role this pack will play in your story. Whether it’s as a relic excavated by an alien race or the family heirlooms bestowed upon someone treading a dangerous journey, the choice is yours!

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