Brutal Weapons for Ogre HD

11 June 2024
Brutal Weapons for Ogre HD

Pound your enemies into submission with these Brutal Weapons for the Ogre HD!

This Prop pack includes five unique and interesting weapons, ranging from a simple club to bell-festooned bludgeons to a nasty spear that would make any villain proud. The bell weapons are rigged and posable, and the large one is used as scenery since most characters lack the heft to wield such a massive weapon.

Six poses with mirrored versions for both the Ogre HD and Genesis 8 Male get you started on a rampage right away, and the wearable presets put whatever weapon you want in one or both hands. An additional eight poses are available for the bell weapons.

Your Ogre deserves the best - get him Brutal Weapons!

A full set of Iray material presets are included. This set contains only Iray material presets, but the material textures themselves are usable in 3Delight if you wish to manually configure them.
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