Mediterranean Street Kit

30 May 2024
Mediterranean Street Kit

Mediterranean Street Kit is a fascinating outdoor environment that allows you to create stunning cinematic scenes.

You can use it in many different scenes. Wouldn't you like to build your dream Mediterranean village, even in 3D? Let's release your imagination free.

We always want to offer you, our customers, higher quality products much faster. I hope you like this product too, have fun.

Mediterranean Street Kit consists of 21 props which are 3 buildings and other props to set outdoor Mediterranean streets and villages.

With two different sides of Building 01 and Building 02 you have 4 different facade options, also with 3 different windows and shader colors, it is possible to set a variety of views. You can set squares and streets with ground props but having canals is also possible by using canal wall and water props.

7 scene files are ready to use which have street, square, and canal options with different weather and light options.

There are 18 material options for different colors of windows, shaders, and other elements and a wet ground option also exists.

There are day and night lights as Light options, you can easily turn on the lights of all lamps with one click for various weather and light conditions, there are 7 Render Settings.

15 camera angles are also included for you to have cinematic and artistic renders.

Models in this pack are modeled as high-quality, as well as optimum polygons so as not to strain your PC, allowing you to use high realism without losing any performance. All the textures are high-quality and extremely detailed. All meshes have their own high-quality textures.
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