Aurinko Kuu

23 May 2024
Aurinko Kuu

Aurinko Kuu – Sun Moon.

The moon gate stands as a circular opening in a wall, symbolizing the cyclical relationship between the sun and the moon. The sun, with its radiant energy, provides light and warmth during the day, while the moon, with its gentle glow, illuminates the night sky. The moon gate represents the harmony between these celestial bodies, each taking its turn to light up the world and guide us through the passage of time.

Aurinko is an environment which can lend itself to many scenarios. The moon gate aisle is a place where you can walk amongst the shadows and light. And the large interior hall could house lavish banquets or martial arts training.

The gated moon gate itself can be hidden should you wish not have it in the scene, with both gate doors also having the ability to open and close independently.

Included are a number of props, including a high resolution gravel plane, along with a complete render scene with lighting (using sun/sky)
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