Arid Valley

22 April 2024
Arid Valley

How about getting cinematic renderings in these arid lands?

This project helps you to have a unique fantastic Arid Valley experience with realistic rocks, landscape, foliage, tree.

This project includes two different scenes.

Also, this complete exterior scene includes complete day and night scenes (with 2 different scenes and 2 different render/lighting settings for each one).

This environment set is built with highly detailed textures and a cinematic atmosphere that's perfect for story-rich rendered scenes.

All models can be moved or removed from the scene as desired so you can have a scene you want.

All models are world-scale for genesis models, and the low poly models and optimized props/assets.

The scene consists of 6 camera settings for each scene ready to render and render settings for day and night scenes.

All textures and UV maps are optimized for Iray.
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