Repair Shop

07 May 2024
Repair Shop

Amidst an abandoned alleyway, the stores have long since ceased their operations.

The narrow thoroughfare is sullied, with water cascading from the rooftops, whether it be the tears of the heavens or clandestine leaks, an enigma unfathomable. Time seems suspended, and the tableau mirrors a snapshot of economic ruin. In this cyberpunk ambiance, two establishments have defied the odds, standing tall: a haven for mending automatons and a humble local eatery.

This set comes with removable walls, floors, and ceilings.

Each part can be moved to make shooting easier.

Independent rain elements (side and front) allow you to compose your images with more or less rain, simple leaks.

Depending on the position of the camera you can choose to turn them off or move them in depth.

This set has ten cameras and a set of lights allowing you to immediately enjoy a cyberpunk atmosphere.

This scenery is teeming with a multitude of details. 177 props make up this set.

Take advantage of this scenery to stage your characters in a Cyberpunk atmosphere or dystopian future.
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