Spell Workshop Bundle

23 June 2024
Spell Workshop Bundle

Transform your fantasy renders with the Mage Environment Bundle! This all-in-one package includes everything you need to create a detailed and enchanting magical world.

XI Spell Workshop - Step into the XI Spell Workshop, featuring mosaic windows, intricate woodwork, a balcony, and spiral stairs—an ideal setting for any mage scene.
XI Spell Workshop Props - Complete your workshop with props like potions, spellbooks, magical orbs, candle stands, research plants, spell tables, and desks, providing all the essentials for a magical render.
Arcane VFX - Enhance your scenes with Arcane VFX, a collection of 2D, 3D, and volumetric effects including spells, strikes, particle meshes, and prefabs. Create visually captivating effects and add a touch of magic to your 3D scenes.
XI Fantasy Staff Set - Equip your mage with the XI Fantasy Staff Set, featuring five detailed staffs: Gem, Golden Moon, White Moon, Witch, and Wooden. Includes wearable presets and hand poses for Genesis 9.
Tie it all together with versatile, magic-themed poses around the spell workshop for Genesis 9

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