Helix Tau Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

30 May 2024
Helix Tau Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

is essentially futuristic. Is a set that explores different sci-fi styles and that can easily fit into most sci-fi settings due to its simple design yet stylish textures.
It includes a half-thigh long suit with high neck and no sleeves and a pair of simple shoes. This is the perfect set for a spaceship, as next century everyday clothes made of high-tech materials or for a cyberpunk character. Whatever you envision for the future, Helix Tau can definitely fit in and widen your universe.
Helix Tau includes a nice range of features and customization:
- 3 styles in different variants and colors
- Geografted zippers that work on ANY style
- LIE-based Dirts that apply on ANY style
- HD morphs for the suit (folds) and for G8 (thighs)
- Walk-through videos that show all the features in depth and tutorials for the more unusual features

Download links:
Noticed a misTake
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