Helix Alpha Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

30 May 2024
Helix Alpha Outfit for Genesis 8 Female(s)

With the Helix mini-series, we have decided for a different approach: Instead of creating a base product and some themed add-ons, we made all the themes (Alpha, Tau and Charm) complete and independent, so that people can just buy whatever they like, rather than needing to purchase a basic package to enjoy the add-ons they love. This also allowed us to explore more freely and in-depth for each theme/style and therefore offer you more features, making Helix an incredibly flexible and customizable set.

Helix Alpha
is an essential, versatile set. It includes a half-thigh long suit with high neck and no sleeves and a pair of simple shoes.
The very special thing about Helix Alpha is that we included a huge amount of features and customization:
-- 2 styles
-- 12 Full sub-styles and 17 variants based on them
-- "Add Effects" applicable to ANY style, that make use of Daz Studio LIE feature (Laytered Image Editor)
-- Geografted zippers that work on ANY style
-- LIE-based Dirts that apply on ANY style and style combo
-- HD morphs for the suit (folds) and for G8 (thighs)
-- Walk-through videos that show all the features in depth and tutorials for more unusual features

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