Riding Boots Lorelei for G8F/G9

05 May 2024
Riding Boots Lorelei for G8F/G9

This product was created for Daz Studio 4.9.

This product will need Genesis 8 Female / Genesis 9 at DAZ3d.

Most Gensesis 8 Female characters (including Genesis 8.1 Female),Genesis 9 Characters (Including Victoria 9) can use this product.

Items that include in this product:

Conforming Footwear figure "Lorelei Boots G8f" for Genesis 8 Female

Conforming Footwear figure "Lorelei Boots G9" for Genesis 9

Pose "Foot Pose" & "Foot Pose Reset" both for Genesis 8 Female and Genesis 9

15 Shoes Styles, and 3 Sole styles in Iray materials

Multiple morphs in boots figure to change the style of boots.

"Lorelei Boots G8f" Contained Genesis 8 Female body shape morphs

"Lorele Boots G8f" Contained G8F Characters Morphs:
Aiko8, Victoria 8, CJ8, Kanade 8, Teen Josie 8, IChigo,
Teen Jane 8, Kala8, Olympia 8, Alexandra 8, Josephene 8

"Lorelei Boots G9" Contained Genesis 9 body shape morphs and Victoria 9
character morphs. Support Genesis 9 Characters and most future G9 characters.

Most other body shape morphs can be fit with Daz Studio's Auto-follow

Texture template JPG file for Riding Boots Lorelei (in textures directory)

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