ND dForce Chic All Gender Outfit for Genesis 9

02 May 2024
ND dForce Chic All Gender Outfit for Genesis 9

The dForce Chic All Gender set is a non-gendered clothing set, suitable for both male and female characters and for multiple occasions. It's optimized for dynamic use.
It contains a long split tunic, wide pants, a pair of mules, and a knot.

You can use them for all kinds of renderings from contemporary to fantasy or science fiction.
Thanks to the opacity options, the trousers can be transformed into cropped trousers or shorts. In the same way, the long slit tunic can become a top or a loincloth, or even a shorter tunic.

Add the small knot to add a chic touch to the tunic's collar.

The dynamic set is available in 2 materials, linen or satin, and 3 colors.

For greater versatility, the set is offered with morphs to be used with different morphologies. So you can use it with Victoria 9 or Michael 9 but also my own custom morphs that you will find in my shop, such as Liloo, Milo, or Angele.

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