dForce AQ Merovingian Warrior for Genesis 9

15 June 2024
dForce AQ Merovingian Warrior for Genesis 9

The Merovingians were the oldest royal dynasty of the Franks from the 5th century to 751. They were succeeded by the dynasty of the Carolingians. After them, the historical epoch of the transition from Late Antiquity to the Early Middle Ages in the Gallo-Germanic area is called the Merovingian period.

This set contains all you need for the historical representation of warriors of this important age of Christianity.

The set includes the typical pants and leg wraps in three color variations, a shirt or tunic in five color variations, shoes in two color variations, a belt with pouch, axe, and spear, a helmet and neck ring, and the well-known Frankish shield in three color variations.

Pants and tunic are made for use with dForce.

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