Kara 9

30 April 2024
Kara 9

Kara 9 represents a long line of strong female characters in media. With the skills to back it up, she perseveres in a male-dominated space with her tough and confident demeanor, without losing her femininity.

She comes with broader shoulders, sharper facial features, an athletic core body, and the usual highly detailed realistic-looking skin. Extra details have been preserved such as blemishes and moles to keep the realistic look and feel.

For more savings and to give Kara everything she needs to take flight, check out the Kara 9 HD Starter Bundle and Kara 9 HD Pro Bundle!

Kara 9 measurements courtesy of Measure Metrics for Daz Studio:

Height: 5' 6.5" (169.0 cm)
Chest Circumference: 35.0" (88.8 cm)
Waist Circumference: 28.2" (71.7 cm)
Low Hip Circumference: 37.3" (94.7 cm)

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