CW_Samuel for Genesis 8 Male

25 April 2024
CW_Samuel for Genesis 8 Male

The young man looks around cautiously.
Once again Samuel is looking for the last lost treasures of the past millennia.
And he is never alone. His fluffy cat sneaks close on his heels...
Samuel's muscular body also moves with almost cat-like suppleness through the intricate ruins of a sunken civilization.
With five different skins, LIE blush and numerous eye colors, you can design Samuel's look exactly how you want.
Eyebrows and a three-day beard in many colors also give him a bold and cool accent.
Go on tour with Samuel and experience your adventures with him

What's Included:

- CW_Samuel Full Character Genesis 8 Male (You need to load the eyebrow separately)

Shaping Presets:

- CW_Samuel Full Apply/Rem
- CW_Samuel Head Apply/Rem
- CW_Samuel Body Apply/Rem
- CW_Samuel Eyebrow
- CW_Samuel Stubble Beard
- CW_Samuel Eyelashes Apply/Rem
- CW_Samuel Nipples Apply/Rem
- CW_Samuel Navel Apply/Rem
- CW_Samuel Ears Apply/Rem

Material Iray Options for Genesis 8 Male:

- CW_Samuel MAT Iray Skin

- 20 Eye Colors
- 12 Brows Colors
- 08 different Eyelashes Color
- 05 Skin Color
- 10 Gens/Skin Color
- 08 Stubble Beard Color

Options LIE presets:

- 02 Blush LIE
- 02 Ears_Blush LIE
- 02 Blush Nose and Chain for LIE
- 05 Lip LIE

Note;The LIE appear when rendering
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