Delsin Beanie and Hair For Genesis 8 Male

24 April 2024
Delsin Beanie and Hair For Genesis 8 Male

Delsin Beanie and Hair for Genesis 8 Male by InTheFlesh.

Inspired by Delsin from Infamous: Second Son.

My first attempt at clothing and hair, this product includes a custom modelled and textured knitted beanie with a removable fibermesh hair piece. Materials optimised for the Iray render engine.

Includes the following:

- Presets for loading just the Beanie, or the Beanie and Hair combined
- Color variations for Beanie: Black, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Marron, Red and White
- Color variations for Badge: Black, Dark Blue, Default, Default No Text, Red and White
- Color variations for Hair: Black, Dark Brown, Dirty Blonde, Ginger, Light Brown and White
- Custom textures made from reference scans: Diffuse, Gloss, Bump, Normal, Displacement
- Beanie textures are 2048 x 2048
- Badge textures are 1024 x 1024
- Hair textures are 512 x 512
- Beanie Only morph
- Fit adjustment morphs for Beanie and Hair
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