Ethereal Celestial Forest Bundle

23 April 2024
Ethereal Celestial Forest Bundle

Step into the surreal world of the Ethereal Celestial Forest Bundle!

This bundle includes the Celestial Forest, a captivating environment teeming with otherworldly flora and fauna. With meticulously crafted props, cameras, and lighting, this environment is perfect for any fantasy 3D renders. Play with the included 5 HDRIs made from the cameras for versatile lightweight rendering.

Also included is Boragia, an elf-life princess whose lifelike textures and customizable features bring her to life in your renders. With an array of eye colors, eyelash styles, and makeup options, Boragia is ready to embark on any 3D adventure.

And what journey would be complete without companions? Included in this bundle is the enigmatic Spirit Dog for Daz Dog 8, whose jet-black fur and glowing eyes add a touch of magic to your renders. Pose your companion with the included Ghostly Companion Poses for DA Spirit. With a range of poses including running, floating, crouching, and more, the possibilities are endless.

Put the final touches on your renders with the Ethereal VDB FX collection. You can add a dash of whimsy to your scenes with magical wisps, clouds, and glimmering particles to perfect the mood of your scene.
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