A selection of nice Poser plugins

20 May 2024
A selection of nice Poser plugins

Poser is a multifunctional program. One of its categorical advantages is that it can be modified. If you are not satisfied with the functionality, you can easily extend it with custom plugins.

We will talk about them in this material.

Read on and we'll tell you about some really good Poser plugins that will make your life a lot easier.

Quick Cam for Poser 12

A great plugin that provides seamless and extremely convenient access to cameras. It allows you to seamlessly navigate through a large number of cameras with a single click, minimizing distractions.

It also offers integration with ShadowLite. But that's not all: it also adds a bunch of hotkeys that let you reset settings with a single click. This also applies to custom cameras - the local Smart Panel remembers camera positions and restores them if necessary.

Finally, it has a very clear interface that even a beginner can figure out.

AutoMorpher for Poser 12

AutoMorpher for Poser 12 is all about transferring morphs from a figure to a garment with a single click.

You can copy morphs from a specific figure to a specific garment (or to all garments at once, or from all figures to all garments at once). And, as you can see, all this is done with a single click, which is extremely convenient.

By the way, the process of transferring morphs is done very carefully - the plugin analyzes figures and garments on the level of geometry and delta and excludes everything that doesn't fit. For example, if a morph touches geometry that a garment does not have, it is automatically skipped.

This is great for optimization and transfer speed, as anything that doesn't make sense is discarded.

By the way, the plugin also offers the possibility to filter morphs by keywords.

LockMaster for Poser 12

LockMaster is something that makes interacting with models very easy. It makes locking parts of the figure, as well as their assembly, easier.

And this is a very, very important plugin.

The thing is that it is difficult to lock body parts in Poser. It is done separately for each of them and you have to look for a command in the context menu. So if you want to block the whole arm, you have to repeat this process 16 times.

It's just a pain.

LockMaster automates this process and lets you lock your limbs with a single keystroke. The whole limb, from fingers to shoulder or from feet to hips.

This plugin also changes the preview mode on the selection, so you can visually see what's locked and what's not, right from the thumbnail screen.

By the way, some of the above plugins are also available on our website. You can find them in the "Addons" tab. Also, we are a hub for a reason: you can find many other things for this program. For example, bundles, characters, creatures, clothing, hair, accessories, poses, props, environments, textures, materials, lighting, addons and much more.

And all this is available for free and without registration.

Runtime Scavenger for Poser 12

Runtime Scavenger allows you to automate the movement of executable files.

It is a content management plugin. It doesn't provide any direct benefits when working with models, but it makes your work easier in general (especially considering how Poser sometimes "likes" to be unstable).

Runtime Scavenger can be used to extract files, create ZIPs or move files.

By the way, the tool automatically finds all related content with the selected content.
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