Poser and Daz Studio analogues

04 July 2024
Poser and Daz Studio analogues

Of course, Poser and Daz Studio are equally cool programs that offer a truly immense amount of functionality when it comes to working with 3D content.

But that doesn't mean you can't use something else at some point in your life.

Read on, and we'll tell you about the best alternatives to these two programs. It will be interesting!


MakeHuman is a free character creation tool that started out as an add-on for Blender.

But it has grown into something much bigger.

Among the obvious benefits, the ability to create realistic 3D models of people using sliders to set characteristics stands out. You can adjust age, sex and weight.

You can also change the shape of the face and the length of the limbs.

In fact, this program allows you to customise your character from start to finish with great precision. It also has a build menu that allows you to easily adapt the model to third-party applications.

It also has a viewport window that allows you to see the changes made in real time.

All models created in MakeHuman have an understandable base mesh, which can be modelled in more detail using tools such as Sculptris.

A great option for game, film makers and designers.


Since we started with the Blender add-on, we think it makes sense to talk about the original programme.

Blender is a multifunctional professional software for creating and editing 3D graphics. It is distributed on a completely free basis and weighs very little. It is also not too demanding on PC resources, so you can use it even on relatively weak rigs.

With Blender you can create:

  • Three-dimensional graphics;
  • Models for games;
  • Architectural visualisations;
  • Advertising videos;
  • 3D printer models and animated movies.

Handy Art Reference Tool

If you're into drawing or 3D modelling, you probably know what one of the biggest challenges is.

Or maybe 'challenges' is too strong a word.

Anyway, it's hands.

It's very hard to get the finger bones to move correctly to make the hand look realistic.

Well, Handy Art Reference Tool tries to solve this problem. And it does a pretty good job! This app lets you choose from a variety of suggested gestures, and you can rotate the hands and parts of the forearm to find the best angle.

If the preset options don't suit you, you can create your own.

Everything is as you are used to: the system works on the basis of bones. You can move them, bend them, extend the phalanges and rotate the hands.

Note, however, that the app does not take into account the limitations imposed by anatomy. As a result, fingers can easily be broken and twisted at unnatural angles - something we're all used to.

(It's you, Blender)

The Handy Art Reference Tool includes male and female head models.

If you need to light the model, you can add up to three light sources to the scene. They can move in any direction: this is enough to set up a standard three-point lighting scheme in the form of main, back and indirect paths.

Oh, and the application also allows you to save the model with all the settings, so you can return to it later. For convenience in the graphical editor, the model can be exported as a separate file.

If you don't like any of the programmes on today's list, you can always go back to Poser or Daz Studio. And on our website you will find thousands of tools that can be used in them. These include different bundles, characters, poses and so on - just add our site to your browser bookmarks!.

All of this is completely free and requires no registration.
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