What's new in Daz Studio: End of May

17 June 2024
What's new in Daz Studio: End of May

We continue our series of articles on new features in Daz Studio.

This time we look at what plugins and add-ons have been added recently.

Read on - it will be interesting!

Daz Studio news for May

May has been a very generous month for new content in Daz. We've already told you what was added at the beginning of the month, so now it's time to take a look at what's been added lately.


LowPi is a modern low-polygon tile that helps you generate a lot of other tiles without overloading the system.
Combined with the crowd generation system (we'll talk about that later, don't worry!) and the ProScripts toolkit (we'll mention them too, of course!), Daz becomes a sort of multitool.

But let's not get distracted.


LowPi has 3224 polygons, 3 material zones and 25 body parts.

It's minimalist, yet dynamic.

The local base figure makes it easy to switch between male and female prototypes, and the 20+ skin and lip colours offer a really wide scope for creativity.

Oh, and let's not forget that LowPi also provides ready-made clothing and hair sets. They don't load the system in any way, so it's the perfect choice for low-end rigs.

Crowd Generation

What does Crowd Generation do?
Crowd Generation allows you to create crowds and make it as easy as possible.

This comprehensive set of tools also allows you to create complex poses and bring entire crowds to life! Whether you're creating crowd sets for personal projects or expanding your creative repertoire, ProScripts offers plenty of customisation options to suit your vision.


ProScripts is the master suite of tools for orchestrating crowd movement and interaction. You can define complex behaviours, including path finding, collision avoidance and crowd dynamics, resulting in unparalleled realism and responsiveness.

All of today's add-ons represent a quantum leap in the field of digital crowds. Their intuitive workflows, comprehensive tutorials and unparalleled versatility allow you to create vibrant, engaging scenes with minimal effort.

Genesis 9 Starter Essentials Expansion

Genesis 9 Starter Essentials Expansion is a kit for creating a variety of realistic characters.

With Genesis 9, over 100 eyebrow options, 32 eye colours and 7 eyelash styles (and a very fine and detailed manager for them!), you'll be able to create the characters of your dreams.

Yes, this add-on doesn't change the game as much as the others we've listed today, but it will still come in handy when and if you need to create mobs. You don't need to make them ultra-detailed, but you can still give them a bit of life - and the Genesis 9 Starter Essentials expansion will be a great help here.

Don't forget that you can download all of the above add-ons from our website. You can also find hundreds of other materials on our site. For example, various bundles, characters (go link), creatures, clothing, hair, accessories, poses (check section), props, environments, textures, materials, lighting and much more.

It's all free and you don't even have to register to get it all!

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