Glory Hole Kit For G8F & G8M

28 May 2024
Glory Hole Kit For G8F & G8M

Complete Glory Hole Kit to build your own.


- 4 walls props with two mats poses options: with texts/without texts
- 1 ceiling prop
- 1 ground prop
- 1 cum sign prop
- 1 cum puddle prop

- 1 custom breasts morph for G8F (fit to wall holes)
- 1 custom buttocks morph for G8F (fit to wall hole)

- 3 poses for G8F
- 3 poses for G8M + genitalia preset pose and morph (you need our product "Genitalia Tool Box for G8M" available in our Renderotica store)

- 1 complete scene
- 6 scenes subset

- 23 HR textures maps 1024x1024 to 4096x4096

Iray shaders only.
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