Sonsy Marlene Pregnant Character Morphs for Genesis 8

12 May 2024
Sonsy Marlene Pregnant Character Morphs for Genesis 8

Marlene is a beautiful young woman on the verge of becoming a mother. This character has her basic morph set tuned to pre-pregnancy but includes a huge variety of additional morphs to carry her from 0 to 40 weeks of pregnancy including belly and breast shaping options. There are also weight gain and clothing fit options as well as a post-pregnancy bonus shapes. But that's not all! I know a lot of you like to go well beyond the normal dimensions so I've included what I call Trimesters 4 and 5 that turn Marlene into a mega-prego. See sample images of course to see what I'm talking about. If you need Marlene to be pregnant with twins, triplets, or even quads...I got you covered!

There are 40 TOTAL MORPHS for this character and because (as always) I make the head/face a separate morph from the body, you can use other character faces with the body morphs. As always, everything you need is included, but she is mostly compatible with other SONSY SYSTEM packages. My character packs are intended to work as custom figures, so some SONSY SYSTEM morphs may not work perfectly with Marlene. But again, you've got custom morphs here to do pretty much whatever you need with her. You can keep her skinny or plump her up or even turn her into an SSBBW prego!
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