No F#Cks Poses and Expressions for G9

08 May 2024
No F#Cks Poses and Expressions for G9

How many ways can you flip off your co-workers?

Not enough! That's why Xelphy has taken it upon herself to count the ways! Count with her and continue to put the sass in your characters by letting everyone know that she simply gives No F#cks!

Built using the G8.1 version from the feet up for G9. Poses were made with the female G9 dialed up. It may be necessary to adjust a few joints for a perfect fit for your character.

--Included with this package:

20 Bird flippin' poses for Genesis 9
20 Mirrored Bird flippin' poses for both Genesis 9
20 Upper body poses
20 upper body poses mirrored
20 lower body poses
20 lower body poses mirrored
20 Expressions for Genesis 9
5 Bird flippin' poses for each hand
Zero poses and expressions for Genesis 9
Parameter sliders for all Expressions so they can be dialed in and mixed together.
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