Realistic Nipples G9F

16 June 2024
Realistic Nipples G9F

Realistic Nipples G9F consists of a conforming geograft, a Realistic Nipples G9F Shell, Material Copy, 36 shaping presets, and 28 material presets.

Realistic Nipples G9F has unique sliders that allow
customization in terms of shaping, posing, and scale that are located at Realistic Nipples/Actor tab.

-36 presets for shaping the G9F to accommodate breasts of various sizes and shapes, including those that hang or flatten when a character is lying on their back.
All shapes have the option to be loaded with a preset for shaping or manually adjusted using sliders.
These sliders allow for precise adjustments, ranging from 0 to 100, enabling you to achieve the desired breast size and shape that best meets your requirements.
-Shaping sliders are located at Genesis9/Actor/Realistic Nipples G9F.
The position of breasts can be adjusted and customized by utilizing the Genesis 9 Left/Right Pectoral sliders.

-There are 28 material presets available for various skin tones and textures, along with Nvidia Iray Shaders.
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