The Look Body Morph Resource for Genesis 9 Feminine

14 May 2024
The Look Body Morph Resource for Genesis 9 Feminine

The Look Body Morph Resource is a set of 69 body morphs for Genesis 9 Feminine

The morphs are carefully sculpted in Zbrush. They are soft and not overdone.

With this set, you can create your own custom body shapes or adapt already existing body shapes in your library.

The morphs are dial-controlled, spin the dials as you wish.

All morphs are grouped in subcategories in the parameters under Actor/(name of sub-category)/The Look.

This package may be used as a merchant resource to create your own characters for commercial purposes.

This Merchant resource may not be included in any other merchant resource or be used to create free distributed characters.

You may not distribute the shapes in their original solo form, the final body morph needs to be baked.

Please note that the proportions of the "young body" may not be baked in as they are Daz3D's property.
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