LI Elemental Dynamics - Sand and Water

06 July 2024
LI Elemental Dynamics - Sand and Water

Introducing LI Elemental Dynamics - Sand & Water, a versatile creation from Laticis Imagery that brings the dynamic elements of sand and water to life for your scenes.

This high-polygon quad-based mesh resembles a layer of sand to start with but offers morphs and some seamless textures that allow for its transformation into sandy dunes, underwater sand beds, turbulent seas, or even a calm layer of water. Additionally, the package includes three mesh objects designed to replicate splashes and eight preset scenes to jumpstart your creativity.....the only limitation is, that it's based on camera angles, not infinite I'm afraid.

To take this product one step further, supplied is 4K high-definition displacement map and texture kit, which adds an enhancing realistic hill or very detailed sandy ground's great for those high-altitude aerial shots.

For those with 3D sculpting skills, the base mesh can serve as a canvas for creating custom terrain designs or use it to import your own height maps.

Dive into the depths, bask in the sun-drenched sands, or fly high with LI Elemental Dynamics - Sand and Water.
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