Desert Witch Jewelry Trove Set 1 for Genesis 9

30 April 2024
Desert Witch Jewelry Trove Set 1 for Genesis 9

Make your character stand out from the crowd with statement jewelry that is both opulent and unique.

Desert Witch is a 10 items jewelry set, inspired by heirloom pieces from the Middle East and South East Asia. It will enhance your character renders, whether you are aiming for a boho look at the festival, a fantasy princess, or maybe that leader in a faraway desert planet.

The jewelry trove set 1 includes a headband, a beaded necklace, a pendant necklace, one big and one small pair of earrings, one beaded septum ring, and two chunky bracelets each for left and right arms: one in torque style and the other with heavy geometric detail.

It was inspired by and then modeled from pieces in private collections and museum references, and includes four sets of highly detailed textures for those out-of-this-world closeups. The textures showcase different levels of crafting complexity and materials, from granulation to inlays. You can also use simple Iray materials for plain looks.

The pieces of jewelry can be used as individual pieces, as sets, or in combination with Desert Witch Jewelry Trove Set 2 for an out-of-this-world grandeur.

* Please note that while I personally support the wish for any being to wear fabulous jewelry, human, humanoid, or other, this set was designed with humanoid characters in mind and might not be fully suitable for those of a creature persuasion. Despite this, I have added a snout morph to the nose ring that might help when using it with some creature morphs.
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