Cafe Racer

09 May 2024
Cafe Racer

Cafe Racer is a "motorcycle concept".

The futuristic sound of the motorcycle blends with the city's noises, creating a symphony of modernity.

The dazzling lights of skyscrapers reflect on its shiny body, adding an artistic dimension to each journey.

Every street corner becomes an adventure, every straight line an invitation to explore the unknown.

In this era of futuristic motorcycles, freedom is not just a destination but also the journey itself.

Technology has transformed motorcycles into a means of escape, expanding the boundaries of what it truly means to be free.

On these machines of the future, riders feel not only in harmony with the road but also with the infinite potential unfolding before them.

Wheels are movable.

3 customizable styles presets.

Also included poses presets for Genesis 9, Genesis 8 Female, and Genesis 8 Male as Biker.
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