Headlights for Genesis 9

30 April 2024
Headlights for Genesis 9

Introducing Headlights for Genesis 9 – the ultimate solution to infuse your portraits with vibrant, unique lighting effortlessly! Elevate your creativity by not only enhancing your figures but also illuminating props and environments with a burst of color. These lights can be used on other figures but will need to be moved/parented into place. Except for dim ambient light in the background, all of the full-size promos were lit using this product.

Tailored to perfection, these 90 presets seamlessly attach to specific body parts, they move with them, ensuring a flawless integration (for tongue-piercings the Mouth needs to be selected). They do not show until rendered.

Form and function- most of the promo images are exclusively lit using this product. These lights boast editable light geometry, providing you with the flexibility to customize or hide the geometry from your rendering. The bloom on/off settings are designed to give your renders a radiant glow

Unlock a plethora of presets, including the mesmerizing glowing eyes, each adorned with an IES profile giving the lights a distinct character and shape. The glowing eyes presets parent lights to each eye so they are perfectly synced with each eye's movement.

Navigating the editing process is a breeze – simply click on the light in the Viewport or select the nearest body part, and check the unfolding hierarchy in the scene pane. From there you can change the light color, delete it, change to one or two-sided light, or edit the light geometry. The Mouth presets are parented to the upper teeth, and the chin piercings are parented to the chin.

Tested rigorously on various Genesis 9 shapes, these lights load into place for average head shapes and expressions. If your character is stylized like Thimor 9, Pixie 9, or one with unique facial features, some very small transitions might need to be applied. Blend multiple presets simultaneously for a symphony of lights that will truly illuminate your figures.

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