Right Here

23 June 2024
Right Here

Every now and then I put myself to the test to see what I learned
in modeling so far.
This time, 'Right here, my dear' is the result. It's part of attic
room in old neglected Victorian-style house. The main structure
consists of:

Door wall - left wall with door and small corridor behind.
Window wall - back wall with window
Slanted ceiling
Small wall - wall on the right
Floor - parent for all other parts

There are also decorative parts included:

Trunk - with open/close lid
Cabinet - with 5 drawers, each one with open/close possibility
Rocking chair
Wheelchair - as separated character with many movable parts
Cobwebs - I experimented with this feature and it turns out to be
nice detail
Ceiling lamp - independent part with ambient light adjustment
Wall lamp - same as ceiling lamp, so You can set one light on and
other off

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